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In addition to Piano, Guitar, and Bass lessons I also offer training in Audio Recording
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Many of my students have expressed an interest in composing and the recording process so we've spent some of their lesson time in my recording studio (pictured left). All of the music files on this page were recorded there.



A Child is Born
Solo Jazz Piano
Composed by : Thad Jones, Performed by : John Caterino

No video available at this time.

Rock Instrumental
Composed and performed by : John Caterino


Stella by Starlight
Solo Jazz Piano
Composed by : Victor Young, Performed by : John Caterino


Student Recordings


New Soul
Composed by : Yael Naim, Performed by : Camille Torres


Composed by : Colbie Caillat, Performed by : Ashley Yeck


Love Story
Composed by : Taylor Swift, Performed by : Danielle Torres


Minuet in G
Composed by J.S. Bach, Performed by : Joy Wenk